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Tulsa Heaters Inc.


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Since 1985, Tulsa Heaters, Inc. has built a reputation as one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of fired heaters, waste heat recovery units (WHRU's), and complementary systems. THI has also retrofitted and improved upon virtually every brand of fired heater system manufactured in the U.S.A.

To date, Tulsa Heaters, Inc., has manufactured over 1000 new heater products and executed over 1500 major product retrofits. Many of these projects involved highly innovative engineering designs and/or new concepts to achieve the clients' specialized needs.

THI's primary goal is to maintain our solid and satisfied client base by offering the highest level of customer service, quality of design and fabrication, and efficient project management.

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Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategies

Since THI's incorporation, our primary goal has been to become one of the preeminent fired heater companies in the world. THI's strategies to accomplish this goal are:

  • Establish THI as a forward-thinking company known for customer service and superior products.
  • Continuously develop our technical and managerial capabilities.
  • Create an environment that makes our clients want to entrust THI with projects on a continuing basis.
  • Enlist the services of experienced and dedicated employees.

Continuous Growth

As a result of executing our strategic goals, THI has experienced some dramatic changes since 1985:

  • Direct employee workforce has grown from four to 40+ employees, representing over 350 years of direct-fired heater experience.
  • Indirect staff has increased to 200-300 employees.
  • Established long-term relationships with all domestic major energy, petrochemical, and engineering/construction companies. Included in this list are multiple projects with BP, Chevron, Phillips 66, ExxonMobil, Shell, and Valero in the domestic market.
  • Expanded our marketing area from the USA to all of North America, Central America, South America, the Middle East, and Asia.


THI has successfully completed projects for clients in Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Israel, the Netherlands, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Venezuela, and Yemen.

At THI we realize we cannot be all things to all clients, nor are all clients compatible with THI's corporate strategy. We also understand that we cannot achieve the level of quality and service that we seek if we only sell products based on price. With this in mind, we have sought to align ourselves with major clients who place a high value on good service, high-quality products, and strong technical expertise.

General Capabilities

THI has the ability to manufacture 70MM$/yr of new equipment, 15 MM$/yr of revamps and reconstruction work, and still provide customer service on a personal level.

THI's primary business groups and responsibilities include:


  • Representative Network
  • Development/Support
  • Market Analyses

Technical Services:

  • Revamps
  • Field Tests
  • Retrofits


  • Procurement
  • Transportation
  • Budget Reporting


  • Process Engineering
  • Product Design
  • Sales


  • Shop Qualification
  • Scheduling
  • Expediting


  • Mechanical Engineering
  • CADD
  • Project Management
  • System Specification
  • QC Implementation

Quality Assurance:

  • QC Implementation
  • Inspection
  • Specification Compliance
  • Project Control

Engineering Capabilties

THI has methodically built a comprehensive design software library that maximizes efficiency and minimizes both labor costs and design errors.

Major Process Design Programs:

Heat Transfer - Flue Gas Based

  • Vertical Coil Evaluation
  • Horizontal Coil Evaluation
  • All-Radiant Coil Evaluation
  • Wicket Coil Evaluation
  • Double Fired Coil Evaluation
  • Convection Coil Evaluation
  • Adiabatic Flame Modeling

Coil Design - Process Fluid Based


  • Flue Gas Pressure Drop/Stack Draft
  • Thermal Cracking/Coking Modeling
  • Pseudo-Component Modeling
  • Process Coil hio
  • Process Pressure Drop
  • API Standard 530 Evaluation
  • ASME Section I Evaluation
  • ASME B31.3 Evaluation

Major Mechanical Design Programs:

  • RISA 2D Structure Design and Analysis
  • RISA 3D Structure Design and Analysis
  • Triflex Piping Stress Analysis
  • Stack Design / Wind Loading Evaluation (ASCE/UBC)
  • Terminal Loading Evaluation
  • Tube Support Evaluation
  • Stack Bolting Evaluation
  • Radiant Shell Evaluation (V.C. Heater)
  • Heater Baseplate / Foundation Loading Evaluation
  • Lifting Lug Design
  • Anchor Bolt Design