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Air Preheat System

Some heaters manufactured or revamped by Tulsa Heaters, Inc. can have their thermal efficiencies improved to 90 - 92% by the addition of an Air Preheat System, creating significant fuel cost savings, especially on large-duty heaters. There are also cases where a natural draft heater is stack-limited or approaching its permited maximum heat release, and adding an air preheat system can increase heater throughput.

THI's engineers provide their innovative design expertise to give clients' APH systems superior performance features:

  • Duct sizing for proper gas velocities.
  • Duct, fan and exchanger layout to optimize plot space utilization.
  • Appropriate equipment, including control dampers, expansion joints, guillotine blinds, by-pass ducts and emergency air doors.
  • Proper instrumentation to interface with heater controls and safeties.

Burner Management System

Burner Management and Heater Controls . . .

Tulsa Heaters, Inc. offers full engineering and fabrication services for burner management and local control systems. Skid-mounted fuel gas or oil trains can be NFPA or IEC-compliant and/or customized to meet each client's specifications. Our standard BMS package includes a PLC-based local control panel, fully programmed for safe and reliable heater start-up, operation and shutdown. Terminals are provided in the panel for connecting all appropriate instrument signals to your plant's DCS.

In addition to the fuel skid and control panel, an essential part of each system design is integration of local heater instrumentation, such as flame scanners, draft gauges, thermocouples, damper positions, valve positions, etc. Full system documentation, including P&IDs, ISA data sheets, logic and wiring diagrams and operating procedures completes the package. Don't trust your heater controls to just anyone--let the experts at THI do it right the first time!

. . . for Safe, Reliable Operations

NOx Reduction Systems

Lower NOx through SCR and Burner Technology

As regulatory requirements take allowable NOx emissions limits ever lower, Tulsa Heaters, Inc. can engineer your heater systems to achieve compliance. Each customer, plant and heater is evaluated for the best fit of available technology and economics. The solution may involve any combination of:

  • New technology Low-NOx burners
  • Increased control of air and fuel gas conditioning
  • Complete SCR or SNCR systems

Since performance of SCR reactors is dependent on flue gas temperature, THI often integrates APH system and temperature loop design with NOx control projects.

For SCR systems, Tulsa Heaters, Inc. works with sub-suppliers to offer these engineered components:

  • SCR reactor housings and catalyst beds
  • Ammonia storage tanks
  • Ammonia transfer pump skids
  • Ammonia vaporizer/air mixer skids
  • Ammonia injection grids
  • Complete PLC-based process controls

NOx reductions > 90% with minimal ammonia slip are commonly achieved in THI's heater/SCR projects.